A Targeted Approach

At Hamilton Blake, we are passionate about growth, driven by interest in our clients and committed to a personal approach to research and development. 

We aim to build partnerships with our clients which help to grow and maximise their entitlement whilst ensuring risks are mitigated throughout. Our experienced team believe in a one-on-one approach which means that each of our clients has direct access to a partner at all times to ensure continuity which is pivotal to continued success year after year. 

Research and Development

R&D is a complex area and requires careful thought and specialist knowledge to ensure the guidance is followed and projects are explained clearly to HMRC. We specialise in design, construction and engineering and have managed to secure over £13m in benefit for our clients over the last 2 years.

Deep Understanding

Our deep understanding of these sectors and our approach to R&D has meant that only 1.8% of our claims have been questioned in that period, in comparison to the national average of 9%.  We are also extremely proud that we have a 100% success rate with our claims and have successfully defended all of our work. 

Meet the Partners

Darryl Hazelhurst-Jeavons
Darryl Hazelhurst-JeavonsPartner
Darryl is one of the partners at HB and is a chartered tax adviser with 20 years’ experience in tax. After a successful career at several large consulting firms, he decided to start out on his own in order to add more benefit to a wide array of clients.

Darryl has a wealth of experience in R&D for architects, engineers, product developers and software companies and knows the guidance inside out. This eagle eye is one of the main reasons HB have never had a claim rejected by HMRC and why we have such a low enquiry rate. Darryl is a highly experienced Chartered Tax Adviser who has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of taxation and business consulting.

Simon Wilby
Simon WilbyPartner
Simon is a partner at HB and has worked solely on R&D for the last 5 years. He has experience dealing with clients from start-ups through to multi-national groups and has been actively involved in securing over £10m of benefit for clients in the last 2 years.

He is a chartered public accountant and is working towards being a chartered tax adviser.

Simon specialises in architecture, engineering and design and is able to use all his built-up knowledge to successfully convey information from his clients to HMRC with a 100% success rate.

Average benefit per year

£72,000 plus

Claims per year

150 plus

Enquiry Rate


Together, Darryl and Simon lead a team of tax specialists and client managers, with over 130 clients and in excess of £13 million in reclaimed tax.