Highlights from HMRC’s Research and Development Tax Credits Statistics Report 2021
In order to boost spending on innovation, HMRC introduced Research and Development Tax Credits in 2000. They deduced that by reducing a company’s Corporation Tax liability this would encourage SMEs … Read more
Boosting Youth Employability with Innovative Partnerships
Sadly, not everyone has access to a great education, university, a gap year and excellent job opportunities.  Indeed, there are thousands of children and young people across the world that … Read more
Quick Guide to Taxation in Building Design and Construction
Like most industries, building design and construction has been hit hard over the past 18 months due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Whilst there was a certain amount of support and … Read more
Are Innovation and Incentivisation the Answer to Climate Change?
Even if you don’t watch or read the news, you can’t have missed the rampant wildfires in Canada, and much closer to home in Greece, wiping out entire villages and … Read more
Is Net Zero Carbon Construction Really Possible?
Most of us remember the Extinction Rebellion’s protests in 2019 against climate change. Whilst they caused untold disruption at the time – maybe they went a bit too much over … Read more
What You Need to Know About the New Super Deduction Allowance
In this year’s Budget, Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced the new Super Deduction Allowance, as part of the Finance Bill 2021, whereby businesses are able to claim for … Read more
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An introduction to capital gains tax
Hamilton Blake Consulting’s experienced tax advisors are able to assist you with a wide range of complex tax issues, including capital gains tax. If you intend to sell one of … Read more
Our take on the Spring Budget 2021
It’s been a gruelling 12 months for the UK economy, so we were interested to see what restorative measures the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, would deliver in his March 2021 Spring … Read more
What are capital allowances, and who can claim them?
Your business may be eligible for capital allowances if it has invested money in permanent assets for the company. Capital allowances are just one of the many specialist tax relief … Read more
Christmas message from Simon and Darryl
As we wrap up an exciting year of business, Hamilton Blake Consulting partners, Simon and Darryl, would like to share a seasonal message with their community of staff and followers… … Read more
Five reasons R&D tax relief is the perfect Christmas gift for your business
As we wrap up what has been probably the most unsettled year in living memory, it’s time to start planning for the next 365 days. As you do your Christmas … Read more
Who can claim R&D tax relief?
One of the most common queries we receive here at Hamilton Blake Consulting concerns the eligibility of businesses for the R&D tax relief scheme. Many businesses aren’t sure if they’re … Read more
Q&A with Gordon Haxton of Haxton Chartered Accountants
While most of our clients come to us directly, this isn’t always the case. We have something of a referral scheme established with a trusted accountancy firm, Haxton Chartered Accountants. … Read more
FAQs about R&D tax relief
Although R&D tax relief is an incredibly rewarding statutory tax scheme, it is often misunderstood. To help more businesses benefit from this tax reduction incentive, we’re happy to spend time … Read more
Five things we’ve learned from HMRC’s R&D Tax Credits Statistics Report
Every year, HMRC releases a number of statistics in a report on the recent R&D tax relief claims. These statistics provide a deep dive into the state of R&D tax … Read more
What to look for when choosing an R&D consultant
Interested in exploring R&D tax relief for your business? Time to choose a specialist R&D adviser. The right consultancy can mean the difference between a successful R&D claim, and a … Read more
person using laptop remote working
Exploring remote working and its impact on innovation
Over the last few months, working remotely has become part of everyday life for many businesses. Although many companies are now opening their doors to staff, others have no intention … Read more
Why HMRC rewards innovation in UK businesses
HMRC’s R&D tax relief scheme isn’t just a nice ‘perk’ for UK businesses: it’s a strategic incentive designed to encourage innovation. Keep reading to find out why… The R&D tax … Read more
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Your guide to R&D tax relief
Welcome to Hamilton Blake Consulting’s guide to research and development (R&D) tax relief. R&D tax relief is one of the most lucrative, yet under-utilised tax incentives. There are over 2.1M … Read more
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Claiming research & development tax reliefs
The UK government offers Research and Development (R&D) reliefs. These tax credits support businesses that work on innovative projects in science and technology. It can be claimed by a range of … Read more
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Who can claim R&D expenditure in tax credits?
We will begin with a clear statement: R&D tax credits are not restricted to particular industries. Examples of projects that might qualify for R&D tax relief include: research and development of … Read more
Choose your R&D tax adviser with great care
If your company operates with any level of development or innovation it is likely you have been approached by several companies offering to assist you in making an R&D tax … Read more
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Scottish (and English) businesses are missing out on R&D tax relief
Every year, we usually head north from our base in Norfolk to the delightful cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh on client meetings. If you know the transport network of East … Read more
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Invest in innovation and reap rewards with R&D tax relief
Everyone likes an alliterative title opening, don’t they? Takes you back to school days where you mastered similes, metaphors and alliteration along with other figurative language devices. Today though, that … Read more
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