Development of a Natural Hydration Powder

Our client developed a new hydration powder which was the first of its kind in several areas. The client had to undergo a rigorous testing process in order to get approved and, due to the unique make up of the product, to be approved by users across the UK.

Within the hydration powder, our client was the first in the market to combine natural flavours and Himalayan rock salt into a hydration pack. The basis behind this is that salt will help pull water into fatiguing muscles allowing the muscle to exert over a longer period of time than it would otherwise be able to. This gives endurance athletes a distinct advantage when in long periods of physical exertion.

Further, they were able to substantially reduce the number of ingredients necessary to produce the powder (7 in comparison to their closest competitions 9).

They were also able to increase both the levels of sodium and magnesium in their product by over 50% in comparison to the market standards.

As this was a clear advancement within the sector HB were able to successfully show HMRC the baseline and advancements within the sector. This has led to a substantial refund which in turn has helped the company grow and expand their range further.

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