Development of a reusable aerosol can

The project entailed the development of a spray can design that could be used to create refillable and reusable aerosol products whilst using recyclable packaging and without the use of pressurised flammable gasses, such as butane and propane.

Our client spotted a gap in the market in that there is no pump spray bottle available that is able to offer the same dry effect spraying as an aerosol can. The spray bottles that do achieve similar results are expensive and not very environmentally friendly.

A solution to this problem will greatly reduce waste in the industry, and potentially also reduce costs to consumers. Aerosol cans have always been cheap enough to be used as a solution. There has never been the demand for a refillable spray without propellant gasses.

With the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions in consumer products and the potential operational cost savings for manufacturers, it is now an opportune time to develop a solution.

This was a theoretical project for our client which then developed into actual product development. We worked alongside our client to analyse the timeline of the project and clearly identify staff who were involved in the R&D qualifying areas. We successfully claimed R&D tax credits on their behalf and the money has enabled the client to move to the next stage in developing this novel solution.

Development of a reusable aerosol can

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