Development of Sustainability Strategies using AI

Our client’s brief was to create a new, highly sustainable residential community with small-scale ancillary facilities. The intention was to produce a highly sustainable design which referenced the unique history of the site, a former shipyard.

A highly efficient energy strategy was developed through using the latest Artificial Intelligence to optimise thermal modelling software. The AI algorithm determined the key features for the building specifications and enabled our client to achieve an average improvement in energy of 44% compared to Part L of the Building Regulations.

To ensure the development paid homage to the history of the site, the aesthetic of the buildings was developed with subtle references to marine construction. Metal balconies wrapped around the gable ends of the apartment and created a more streamlined aesthetic which referenced the bow of a ship. The window and door openings were designed to be similar to those found on ocean liners. The use of bespoke metal screening at ground floor allowed the main bulk of each apartment to appear to float above the ground

This project represents a ground-breaking change to the way in which sustainability strategies are developed, as this was the first project in the UK to utilised AI to develop the strategy.

Jemma Mason

Development of Sustainability Strategies using AI

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