HR Software Package

Development of a first in class human resource software package

Our client who are a company of software engineers and human resource experts in Surrey developed a human resource software package that went above and beyond anything available on the market. 

Their new system aimed to support the individual development and performance management of users and required a fully bespoke online behavioural assessment tool which could assess individual performance against a company’s value framework. 

In order to achieve this, our client had to go through a development phase which was followed by in-depth user and stress testing which flagged up multiple issues. The team then re-engineered the software package and repeated the testing period until they had created something which was ready for sale into different companies. 

HB were able to help the company identify the relevant timeframe for R&D on the project and also helped the client implement a more robust timekeeping system which meant that R&D could be more easily identified in future periods.

Simon Wilby

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