Meet the Team: Business Development Manager – Sean Devine

This time we’ve put former marine Sean Devine under the spotlight as part of our meet the team series. Now our Business Development Manager, Sean reveals a bit about his life before and outside of Hamilton Blake, as well as what his working day looks like…

Can you tell us a bit about your role: how do you fit into the company, and what does your day-to-day work look like?

My role in business development is primarily researching and consulting. There are many companies calling every man and his dog a hundred times a day, but our approach is far more considered. Using LinkedIn, Companies House and of course Google allows me to only reach out to companies that we can offer value to. With the majority of the people I reach out to either being unaware of research and development for tax purposes, or are using an outdated process, most of my time is spent discussing how and why the relief works, and providing advice on next steps.

What was working life like for you before working at Hamilton Blake?

Life before Hamilton Blake was a little varied! I come from a predominantly military background, having joined the Royal Marines in 2010, and leaving the Military in 2017. The biggest difference between working at Hamilton Blake and previous roles is the culture. We are encouraged to put forward our own ideas, and are made to feel like a significant part of the business, rather than just another “cog”.

What’s the best bit of working at Hamilton Blake?

Follow ups with clients. After forming a new partnership with a client, and putting their first claim with us, I call them to discuss the service and areas we can improve. This is always a great conversation and reaffirms that we offer a really valuable service.

What’s your favourite food/type of restaurant to visit?

Such a tough question! It depends on where I am. I love trying something new, but I think my favourite restaurant so far is Tropeiro, a Brazilian steakhouse in Aberdeen. Great cocktails too.

If you could travel to anywhere in the world – where would you go and why? 

After the last year or so, anywhere! But one place I have always wanted to visit is Japan. It is a beautiful and varied country, and has such a rich history, I think I would struggle to come home!

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