Unlike a lot of R&D companies we believe in a hands-on approach and endeavour to work closely with our clients to ensure that each and every claim submitted is correct, maximised and low-risk. 

We will defend any claim made by ourselves for no extra cost as a part of our full enquiry service and, because we get to know our clients and their projects in detail, we are often able to deal with HMRC questions with no need for further time spent by our clients. 

We begin with a short 30 minute call with the primary contact at the company to explain our process but more importantly to get to know you, your company and the kind of work you do – this sets the scene for the claim and allows us to be ready for the working meeting with you.

We come to you! We will spend on average between 2-3 hours at your offices discussing relevant projects with directors or project managers. This will be with a partner of HB and we lead you with our questioning and take notes which will form the basis of our report. 

We send across a list of information we require, this will be things the company have already prepared and we never ask our clients to write anything new for us. This could be drawings, reports, financials or any other relevant information.

We take all the information from these steps and write the report on your behalf, this is then shared with relevant members of the team for final checks and we deal with submission to HMRC. 

We like to stay in contact with our clients through the year and can help them put in place systems to make the R&D process easier. We are on hand at any time to discuss projects or anything else!  

To check eligibility, just leave your name and email address, and one of the team will be in touch with you.