Q&A with Gordon Haxton of Haxton Chartered Accountants

While most of our clients come to us directly, this isn’t always the case. We have something of a referral scheme established with a trusted accountancy firm, Haxton Chartered Accountants.

If they have a client that they think could benefit from some tax advice, they refer them over to Hamilton Blake Consulting.

We sat down with Gordon Haxton, founder of Haxton Chartered Accountants, to discuss the ins and outs of our long-standing partnership relationship. Over to you, Gordon…


Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

I am Gordon Haxton, founder and partner at Haxton Chartered Accountants.

I founded my company over 32 years ago, and we have many loyal client relationships. We work with businesses from many sectors to provide general accounting services, including tax returns, management accounting, and financial business consultancy.


Can you explain the relationship between Haxton Chartered Accountants and Hamilton Blake Consulting?

I was first introduced to Darryl (partner at Hamilton Blake) around 10 years ago through a mutual client.

We provide general tax advice but whenever we receive a complex tax query about something like EMIs, IHT or R&D tax relief, we always recommend that our clients get in touch with Hamilton Blake Consulting.

Not only does Darryl have a fantastic knowledge of all things tax-related, he excels at communicating it in a way that is accessible to everyone, without ever being patronising. He is extremely understanding, and helps our clients feel comfortable, which is obviously especially important to us.

Over the last 10 years, we have referred many clients to Hamilton Blake Consulting.


How does the process of referring a client to Hamilton Blake for R&D tax relief work?

Although we’re not R&D tax relief specialists, our experience of working with Hamilton Blake has given us an increased understanding of R&D.

When we are getting to know a new client and finding out about their business, we can identify when we think their work may involve R&D. In those cases, we recommend that our client gets in touch with either Simon or Darryl. It’s as simple as that, and the result is very satisfied clients as Hamilton Blake can usually help them save thousands of pounds!


What is it like working with Hamilton Blake Consulting?

Working with Hamilton Blake Consulting for the last 10 years has been an excellent experience. It allows us to provide an extra service to our clients, which we know they appreciate.


How do your clients find working with Hamilton Blake?

They are always very happy with the solutions offered by Darryl and his team.

Thank you, Gordon.

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