Q&A with Jacob Low of JaK Studio Architects

Here at Hamilton Blake Consulting, we specialise in supporting architectural and design firms through the R&D tax relief process (although we also work with companies from other sectors, too).

One such firm is JaK Studio: A RIBA Chartered design studio, with ties to London, Sarajevo, and Riyadh. We’re proud to have helped JaK achieve a well-deserved reduction in their corporation tax, thanks to several innovative research and development projects.

We spoke to Jacob Low, director at JaK Studio, about how his firm found the process of working with Hamilton Blake Consulting. Keep reading to find out more…


What made you choose Hamilton Blake Consulting?

We interviewed a few practices and were really impressed by the team’s insight, professionalism, and the fact that they really seemed to understand our business.

Can you tell me about some of the projects you claimed R&D relief on?

We do a certain amount of innovative prototyping each year which are time-intensive and involve a lot of trial and error! The latest of these projects is a product we recently launched: the HOM3 [Home Office Module Cubed] is a prefabricated modular micro-architecture structure.

How did you find the process of working with Hamilton Blake Consulting?

It’s been absolutely great, they feel like part of our wider work family now. Simon and the teamy have even learnt to nag me well in advance of the deadline to ensure that we get all the paperwork together in time.

Did anything surprise you about the process?

The process is quite in-depth, and does take some time to work through each and every project in a year. But, the process has definitely got easier over the years, especially with the expert guidance of Hamilton Blake of course. Now it does feel like it is part of the financial process each year.

What impact did the tax relief have on your business?

It’s had a really positive impact upon our business, the financial incentives aside, its definitely encouraged us to explore more innovative projects and products.

Do you have any words of advice for other architecture firms who may be unsure if they qualify for R&D tax relief?

I would refer them to the RIBA guidance which is very clear on what type of work is eligible, and how this incentive can benefit firms.

Sum up Hamilton Blake Consulting in three words!

Expert, Astute, Friendly.

Thank you, Jacob!

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