David Kent, head of Scotland, Leyton UK, said:

“Thousands of Scottish businesses are missing out on crucial funding by failing to take advantage of R&D tax credits.

“While government schemes have been riddled with issues that have delayed access to cash, R&D tax credits can be claimed quickly.

“Many business owners assume that they are not eligible for R&D tax credits. In reality, they may be able to claim thousands of pounds.”

Now we’re not saying call us today and we’ll be on the A1 driving north before you can say Research and Development three times.

What we would advise you, as a business in Scotland (or England, Wales, Northern Ireland) is to check eligibility here  and one of our friendly, professional team will contact you promptly.

You can claim R and D relief for work on Food and Drink and other circumstances featured in our Case Studies.

If you’re an SME not taking advantage of this tax relief, we need to talk – whether that’s in Edinburgh, London, Cardiff or Belfast.

Contact us today.