What we do?

Hamilton Blake offers specialist tax advice on a range of complex tax issues. Whether you are an individual looking for personal tax advice, or a company looking for help with complex tax matters, or an accountant or lawyer looking for a tax specialist, Hamilton Blake can help.

Company and Businesses

Hamilton Blake can assist with any aspect of your business’s tax needs, providing expert tax advice on specific issues and ongoing tax consulting. Hamilton Blake offers a range of services for you and your company including:

  • Restructuring and reorganisations – If you are thinking about restructuring your business it is important that all of the tax implications are considered and planned for. Our team of tax specialists will support and guide you through the whole process.

  • Employee Share Schemes – Employee share schemes are a key companies implement to incentive and reward their employees. There are a number of options to consider when looking at the best form of an employee share scheme for your business. We are able to help with all aspects of employee incentives and employee share schemes, including:
  • selecting the right type of arrangement for your business and employees;
  • producing share valuations and agreeing these valuations with HMRC were appropriate;
  • liaising with appropriate corporate lawyers,
  • report the grant of employee share options to HMRC if appropriate (this is typically only necessary for EMI options)
  • reporting employee incentive activity to HMRC at the end of each tax year.

  • Mergers and acquisitions – During any company acquisition, a purchaser and vendor will typically have differing objectives when it comes to structuring the transaction. Before the process of any acquisition has started, it is useful to understand the key drivers of the deal for both parties. Hamilton Blake can help you identify key tax considerations and provide practical tax advice, in line with the commercial objectives of your transaction and future plans for you and your business.

  • EIS and SEIS – Hamilton Blake works with businesses and investors to make sure the benefit fully from investments under SEIS and EIS. Whether this be confirming your company’s/personal eligibility for an SEIS or EIS scheme including confirming your eligibility with HMRC under advanced assurance or Prepare SEIS and/or EIS certificates for investors. These certificates confirm how much each investor has invested in your company and under which scheme.


Hamilton Blake has a wealth of experience in all aspects of personal tax, helping clients with a range of personal tax matters including income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and international tax advice.

Hamilton Blake advises a range of clients including individuals, partnerships, landowners and farmers, entrepreneurs and business owners, trustees. We are happy to help with any personal tax issues or queries including:

  • capital disposals,
  • property tax queries,
  • complex self-assessment tax returns,
  • residency and domicile issues and
  • estate planning.


Our team can work in collaboration with accountants, lawyers, financial advisers, and other professionals on complex and niche tax issues. We can provide bespoke and ongoing tax advice to support professional advisers with their clients’ needs.